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     Experts at Buying and Selling Businesses

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We work hard to make it happen!

There are a lot of steps in selling a business

We are there to guide you through every step.

We guide you through rough waters


At the beginning we will

  • Analyze your business to determine the optimal price

  • Search our existing buyers to see if any fit

  • Prepare a plan on how to best market your business

  • Then we will advertise your business on our WEB sites and broker networks to find a buyer. We will

    • Pre-qualify Buyers

    • Eliminate tire kickers

    • Educate the Buyer

    • Show Buyer your business – we will always be there

Once we have a qualified interested buyer we will work with the Buyer to draft an offer

  • Work for you in negotiating with the Buyer

  • Help the buyer to get SBA financing

  • Lease assignments

  • Loan assumptions

  • Consulting agreements

  • Non-compete agreement

  • Dealing with escrow attorney

  • Draft contract and work with the lawyers

While all this is happening we maintain confidentiality , momentum to complete the job and we make sure there are no loose ends.  We earn our keep every step of the way.