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What are Buyer's looking for?

Showing a Business


The Value of your Business

Dealing with the Process - Your Composure

Asset Deal versus Stock Deal

Quick Tips for Sellers

If it makes sense develop or have products. Some buyers are looking for this.

Spend money on R&D  and  product development or development of new services.

Can it run without you - make sure it can.

Do you have management in place?

Are all the profits counted for? How can you convince a buyer of your true profit?

Don’t sell yourself, sell your company. The buyer is buying your company.

Be willing to stay on for a sufficient period of time after the sell.

Be flexible on deal structure, at same time be creative. There are many ways to make a deal.

Be patient , Selling your company is a slow methodical process.

Have a marketing and business plan. Know where your business can go.

Have organized , dedicated sales staff. Remember  the company cannot run without them.

Know where you are at all times. What's your profit, what is the value of the company.

Sell  when your company is growing not on the downturn.