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Showing Your Business 

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Sometime during the acquisition process, the buyer will meet you, tour your facility and possibly meet your key employees. It is a critical step in selling your company. 

First and foremost, remember you are selling the business not yourself. At the same time the buyer must walk away thinking you will be easy to work with during the acquisition and transition process. You are selling the business first and you are selling yourself in terms of easy being easy to work with. 

Be honest, straightforward and informal. The buyer wants to hear that your company is easy to run and the business environment contains a great opportunity for growth. 

 Remember, you are selling. That is what the meeting is all about. Common sense says one should focus on the positive side of things only. There is no need to discuss negatives unless asked. 

Keep it everything confidential; make sure the buyer understands this. There will be a time and place to communicate to employees of the acquisition. In the early stages is not the time.