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Dealing with the Process 

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There is a mentality, understanding of the process and composure that can greatly aid the Seller.  Below is some advice in dealing with the dynamics of a deal.

 Be patient, it is a slow methodical process that goes step by step. Persistence is another in the process. Roadblocks can appear and re-appear , both the seller and the buyer must work together to overcome these.

 Perceptions are everything.  The best of intentions can sometimes give the wrong perceptions.  Give the buyer the right one, make sure communications are straight forward and accurate. Trust between buyer and seller are paramount.

 Know where you are at all times in your business. Have updated financials, schedules and customer lists there and know how your business is operating at all times.

 Be organized for acquisition, know what you need and collect it , have it ready to communicate. Acquisition has to be an important priority if you want it to happen.

 Once the deal is set, move quickly as possible. There are many ways a deal can die, especially if it drags on.

Be motivated to sell. Know who or what the deal killers may be, know what to negotiate – it is your decision to sell not anyone else. The deal must make sense to you, you are the decision maker not anyone else. Make your own decisions on the deal and assess the risk. Once you have set the terms and agreed to them, then let your accountants do accounting and lawyers do legal work on the deal.