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We use a well Engineered Approach

  The first step is to determine an asking price.

  • Collect the financial data – tax returns, financial statements

  • Analyze the data and re-casting it into a form that can be evaluated

  • Determine the fair market value of your assets

  • Normalize your income statements

  • Review and research historical data bases for similar companies  

  • Using the collected data and  our research we determine a price.

The next step is to market your company. 

  • Formulate a description of your company

  • Buyers can evaluate whether your company meets their needs

  • Review our data bases for current buyers

  • Market the buyers and at the same time

  • Publish your company in a confidential format into our buyer networks

  If it is priced right and if the market place is looking for your type of business it will sell.


The whole process is confidential!

It takes technical innovation

We will deal with the Buyers

We will screen the buyers, qualify them and meet with them to insure your business meets their needs. Before a buyer can see your business we have them sign a nondisclosure agreement. We are always there. We accompany the buyer to see the business and when they are ready to make an offer we help them draft it.

We finalize the Deal  

Once we have a buyer our job is still not done. We work to close the deal. This includes working through due diligence, drafting a loan package, resolving all issues and drafting the first version of the contract. Then working with the accountants and attorneys to finalize the contract and closing the deal.