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Our Marketing Strategy

It’s Simple!

We don’t get paid unless we sell your company.

We see the big picture


That’s why we use all marketing resources. We  network nationally and internationally and have an inventory of buyers who are looking for businesses. Our office is in constant communication with numerous buyers who want to buy businesses now.


We are  members of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA).The International Business Brokers Association ® (IBBA ®) is the largest international non-profit association operating exclusively for the benefit of people and firms engaged in the various aspects of a business brokerage and mergers and acquisitions. Today, the IBBA has more than 1,500 cooperative business brokers and intermediaries across Canada, Mexico, Asia, Europe and the United States.


There is still demand for businesses at this time. We are organized , we  maximize the use of technology to get the job done. We work smart. As part of this strategy we advertise on a minimum of ten Web Sites – this starts with basic listing information and we input it on each of the WEB sites – we will get your feedback on the information that is posted – we will get  World Wide Exposure.


Offensively targeting  Strategic Buyers is another strategy. We use databases of strategic buyers and target these by sending flyers and letters. Typically we will send a  targeted mailing to 1000-2000 companies. Strategic buyers will pay the highest price pay for companies since they have inherent additional benefits.


We will field the inquiries from buyers who respond to our advertisements and then provide more information. We create an entry into our data base of each inquiry, our response and action plan. We keep you updated on these inquiries. Once we have a buyer who is interested and is qualified we will solicit an offer and work with you and the buyer to make a deal happen.


We will get  numerous responses from both the internet and targeted mailing. For some clients we place blind advertisements in trade journals and the Wall Street Journal in order to solicit the maximum response in the marketplace. Our expertise in financial modeling and valuation helps us to communicate with prospective buyers. They like working with us since we provide accurate and well documented data. This greatly facilitates negotiations of a deal structure. The buyer will believe in the value of  your company.