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We Provide Vital Services to You

We leave nothing to chance. Our first step is to meet with you and ask

  • What are your expectations for buying a business?

  • What are your best skills, and what type of work do you like to do?

  • What is the time frame for buying a business?

  • Do you have the necessary funds to buy a business or do you need SBA financing?

  • Is the cash readily available?

 Once we understand you, then we can show you businesses that are feasible and fit your expectations. We work with you to look at the prospects. This involves the following.

  • Non-disclosure—you will sign this to maintain the seller’s confidentiality

  • Review preliminary data on each prospective business with us

  • Arrange for you to see the business. We accompany you on each trip.

  • If you have a strong interest on a prospect then we will supply additional information and schedule further on-site visits

  • When you are ready we will help you draft an offer.

It takes teamwork

We are your best source for answering questions, addressing concerns, resolving loose ends, discussing deal structure and offering our expertise  in the transactions. We make it happen.

We Help You Close the Sale

Once your offer is accepted we are still there to help you with financing, drafting the contract, due diligence, working with lawyers and accountants to finish the deal.

 We earn our keep every step of the way.